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Grigori Grabovoi and Organ Regeneration, Principles

How can Organ regeneration be done without surgery?  Your body already does organ regeneration. If a part of your liver is surgically removed the remaining liver cells divide and grow to expand the liver to its original size. Similarly our blood, skin and bones are replenished through the assistance of stem cells. The skins is the largest organ in the human body – approximately 2 metres square in surface area – home to many mini-organs including hair, nails, mammary, sebaceous and sweat glands  and it regenerates itself.  An adult hair follicle is an expert regenerating machine, regenerating itself 8 to 10 times during the adult lifespan. It has a cellular program that generates the cells necessary to regenerate the hair follicle. All your organs have already tapped into cellular programs. Human embryos tap into genetic mechanisms that guide the patterning of body structures till they are fully developed.  This is similar to that used by newts or salamanders to grow new limbs.  

Have we lost this ability to regenerate our organs or is it  dormant waiting to be unlocked?

Bone marrow Stem Cell
organ regeneration stem cell

Gregory Grabovoi - Founder of Organ Regeneration

Organ regeneration was originally founded Dr. Grigori Grabovoi, an absolute genius. He was a mathematician, scientist, and has a lot of accolades and work to his name. Officially starting in 1992, he taught several famous healers including Igor Arepjev and Arcady Petrov, who actually subsequently formed institutions and schools to prove his work and also to document the first organ regeneration that they performed in their institutions. These were validated by conventional medical equipment and diagnostics. Subsequently they have thousands of people with testimonials and how they were able to regenerate organs and rejuvenate their diseased body using merely expanded consciousness, the power of perceptions and the power of beliefs. The key is changing of beliefs.

Grigori Grabovoi - founder of Organ Regeneration

How to do Organ Regeneration - Russian New Knowledge
The basic principles of this new conscious technology, is the first priciple of organ regeneration that we are a
part of the creator. So if we are a part of the creator then we can also act and see like the creator. This is vital to any healing process because this gives you all the tools and all the power to make changes on a very deep level.

The second principle of organ regeneration is that
everything is built from energy and information. So all we are is condensed information.

The third principle of organ regeneration is as it is a
conscious technology tool, you don't need any equipment. You don't need to buy expensive equipment.

You learn it, you apply it, and you have it for your life. Amazing.

Gregory Grabovoi,  Arkadi Petrov and Svetlana Smirnova have been kind enough to teach and share their methods with thousands of Russians and Westerns.  Grabovoi believes matter is in parallel time streams and some part of him moves to another time point to alter destiny. Arcady Petrov, a student of Grabovoi states that the Russian New Knowledge Organ regeneration Process method has three components : the effect inner vision, controllable clairvoyance and working with the energy information matrix. By working with the energy information matrix not only is physical change possible but so is financial, mental and emotional conditions. It’s all energy.

You are here because you seek change in a condition or you would like to learn. Let work together and use the wisdom of your body and mind and the organ regeneration tools to bring about that change.

Blessings, Angie.

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