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Hello Re-generation People

I have to offer up my story to this post maybe keep you on my journey from this point forward. I can only tell you that what is possible for me is also possible for you. I have to share my experience with Ken Graydon and our healing session.

Labeled with Breast Cancer which is removed within me now I went through lumpectomy and lymph node removal. I had one affected node. This moved me into the world of chemo and radiation. As we all have our choices as to handle our own body I have chosen both western medicine and everything else to get me where I need to go.

I have been involved in many aspect of different healing modalities throughout my life time. This is a long venture and I believe we are resting on top of the cream of the crop with Organ Re-generation and my favorite playground Matrix Energetics. I have now added the principles taught with organ re-generation.

My set session with Ken and my direction was to grow back tissue on my surgery site which is right breast. 30 percent was removed and I want to grow it back.
After my session my physical body started to change over night. My large scar that was bright red from the surgery site and under my arm from the lymph turned dark brown.

Before my session with Ken I decided to take pictures of myself so I can follow the progress of re-generating my tissue. The darkenss
showed up first. That was approx. 2 days after the initial contact with my remote healing. My session was a week ago today. Within a week the tissue
from the breast that had been removed is changing.
I am starting to see a change from the front most area away from my body starting to fill in. Kathe Lynn Gaarde 15 November 05:06

There is no color change just a thickening that is filling out to normal level which before was not there, The original pictures shows a defined indent like I
was sideswiped. Now I have about an 1/2 inch that is filled out. I am going to keep taking pictures and tastefully work with them to not offend anyone who might want to see the progress. I find this remarkable but I also must add that I believe in this process for me hands down, and for anyone who will embrass it. This process is meant for us, as many are, we have free choice to pick and choose what is best for us.

Can I tell you what my session was like? I can not. I did exactly what Ken told me to do during the day before the set time and when the clock struck the exact time I was laying in my bed surrounded with all the things I might use with my work. I could tell my room filled up with a loving energy so intense I passed out. I woke 40 minutes later with tear stains on my face and hair. That is all I remember.
I laid there for another 20 minutes. I then worked my way to my couch where I
sat for several hours.

The first sign of change came 2 days later when I woke up to dress and my scars were dark brown. These were fresh scars. I will continue to post my progress it is important to share. I am excited for this process it is what my body seeks. I look forward to more changes on all levels of this experience. I am very drawn to the concept and will share always with all of you.
Kathe Lynn Gaarde 15 November 05:06




After listening to you today on Wendy's update I had to send you these pictures.
 You have to see the changes, I made them proper for viewing, and dated them from the healing date 11-7-10
If you want to use them please do, you have my permission.

If I don't share them with you, you will never know the change that this is going on with
my personal regrowth of cells, tissue, etc.  I shake my head every day and I will continue the process of

I am a new person Ken, that is what I expected.

With Blessings and Love


Ken graciously gave my mom a session some time ago & we never got back to you~I never did get a testimony from her but, I can say this: the days after moms session she was up & rearranging her furniture(my mom is on oxygen, in a hospice & at one point given a expiration date on life and can only walk 12 steps!) she’s still weak but GREAT news  ken...mom has been told she’s well enough to get off hospice in two months!! Waa Hooo~ have fun in Vegas think of a well sherry -Received January 17 2011

Ken’s ability to hold light for you to experience new possibilities and therefore embrace change expands your inner self far beyond old limited ways of thinking that had previously appeared as blocks in your life. I recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Ken


For more testimonials see http://www.healingintention.org/

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