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Organ Regeneration Process

How does Organ Regeneration Work?

The possibility of re-generating or re-growing organs, features in the sacred writings of many ancient faiths. Two examples from the Tanakh [Old Testament] are: Psalm 103:5 "He satisfies you with good things in the Prime of Life; so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's" and Isaiah 40:31"But they who trust in the Creator, shall renew their strength". I am not of Islam so I do not quote from the "Koran". No one person, group or nation owns the concept of organ regeneration. The "Dreamtime" stories of the indigenous peoples of Australia have similar concepts as do the shaman of Peru.

One stream of this knowledge, began in the early 1990's in Russia where a group of "Spiritual Scientists" through dedicated study, rigorous research and record keeping have evolved very successful processes of controlling reality through soul, mind and consciousness that have resulted in the repeated positive results including re-growing, or regenerating teeth, wombs, gall bladders, appendix and other organs. Normally deadly illnesses have been eliminated by an intentional cell therapy and results are now coming in as the knowledge and experience has been shared,expanded and innovated upon, including here in Australia, of metal or plastic prostheses transforming into living bones or organs. Organ regeneration also has a highly visible 'becoming younger' effect on clients.

Initially these results were obtained through electro-mechanical devices using quantum physics but  the latest and more effective results are being obtained, many remotely, through trained practitioners using very intense 'healing' and heightened levels of consciousness processes which work on a cellular level. Now there is not just one simple lineage of knowledge but a kaleidoscopic collection of pieces of information each adding a dimension to the overall availability of a much needed healing resource.  Each process requires the active co-operation of the client or a close connection for, say, a coma patient or very young child.

The aim of this process is not the usual "get over an illness" approach. There is a much deeper objective, to allow us to become the person that the Creator intended us to be instead of the current "knock and dent" version of ourselves that we display. This is a multi-layered task but so very worth it. The process is designed so that the client is totally involved in each step along the way. We do not 'do it to you' but we share in an endeavour that will reveal your best possible result.

ACCEPTANCE The client must accept the possibility of re-growing or re-generating the organ(s)

INTENTION The client should develop a firm intention that they really intend to re-grow or re-generate the organ(s)

ALLOWING The client will allow the life changes to occur.

COMPLETION The client will persist until the program is complete

This program is not a medical treatment or a medical diagnosis. Clients should not vary or discontinue medical or pharmaceutical treatments without contact with their medical practitioners. Each session is unique and results are not guaranteed.


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