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Organ Regeneration (Russian New Knowledge) is the healing or regeneration of organs, tissues without surgery. It is not limited to physical regeneration but can include finances, situations, life purpose, spirtual connection etc. It has been around for some time, only recently making its way to the West and primarily being adopted and practiced in Germany, Thailand and Australia.

The Organ Regeneration - Russian New Knowledge, is not just about Organ regeneration but regenerating or transforming anything in your life. It is another access method to that pool of infinite possibility.

It uses both processes and codes that have been intuited and shared by practitioners of Organ Regeneration. But perhaps its best for you to experience it.

Sit relaxed in your chair and for a minute just let your attention rest on the flow of your breath. Follow it, don't judge it or change it. Just go deep within yourself.

Put your right hand over the thermograph with the self healing code. Relax - go inside yourself - what do you experience?

organ regeneration thermograph with self healing code


What others have experienced..
Absolutely amazing...Energy...Deep Breath...Light...Bene...Waves...Nothing...Empowered...Y
ellow palm with green ends on figures and palm edge...Relaxing energy, peace...Warmth... Calming effect...Great energy going all through the body--very strong--cleaning me...I feel light and tingly, and I don't want to leave...Calm like a baby...Warmth and general feeling of well being.I am totally into the OR work and love the codes.CHEERS!

...Tingling in my head...Love...Tingling and a warmth going through me...Heat...Good...My hand began to move in a circular counter-clockwise pattern...Cool breeze, energy,tingling...Peace...Light...Deep breath...Energy...Absolutely amazing...

You can create these codes for yourself and learn all about it using Healing Intention

It is ironic that organ regeneration is the holy grail of scientists in the field of Regenerative medicine and has puzzled researchers since the mid-1700 yet spiritual teachers have known that the body is programmable by language, words and thought.

Lets return to main stream science and see what they say about the bodies own capability of regenerating itself:

In the scientific journal titled Organ repair and regeneration Baddour, Sousinis and Tsonis admit that organ regeneration is not a process that has been fully understood but that it has immense potential for human beings and that is it clearly superior to anything else. They then summarise the regenerative capabilities of the  adrenal gland, thyroid gland, intestine, lungs, heart, liver, blood vessels, germ cells, nervous system, eye tissues, hair cells, kidney and bladder, skin, hair follicles, pancreas, bone, and cartilage See
Birth Defects Research journal.

Sensory axon regeneration: rebuilding functional connections in the spinal cord This scientific article looks at recent advances in regenerating the spinal cord even though it is a daunting callenge. In particular, "For regeneration to occur, growth programs intrinsic to the neurons must be sufficient to overcome the growth-inhibiting environment of the mature mammalian Central Nervous System" (Smith, Falone, Frank) in Trends in neurosciences 2012 Mar.

In the January 2013 of the scientific journal Biomaterials an article titled
Emerging rules for inducing organ regeneration looked at four rules to regenerate tissues looks at four rules that scientists must follow to stimulate tissue regeneration. (Yanas) Biomaterials 2013 Jan


A word from master healer, teacher and author of Healing Codes on Organ Regeneration - Russian New Knowledge


Blessings, Angie.

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