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Angie is a qualified matrix energetics practitioner and studied the Russian New Knowledge organ regeneration processes and codes with with Ken and Anne Graydon to serve those clients who were drawn to this methodology of tranformation.

A few Phoenix Testimonials

I am posting late about the wonderful class we had in Phoenix. I had stayed on for an extended time and just arrived home today. Ken and Ann did a marvelous job of presenting the material in an easy going flowing manner. I observed shifts in others, as emotional blocks were lifted accompanied with tears. I was also fortunate to be in the group with Cynthea when she went through a very large shift. She looked so different afterward, as if a huge weight had been lifted off her. A youthful softness came into her face. In my own case, a knee I had worked on feels the best it has in years. The people who have signed up for the Vegas class are in for treat! Many thanks to Ken and Ann for providing the opportunity for us to take this class and to share the information with others.
Ken Garlock


I just heard about this workshop 4 days ago and the universe show me the way to be here when I thought there is no way I can make it in such a short notice. Literally on Friday at 2:09 PM. I drove and I was deeply touch for all the changes I am going through some are in my consciousness others are very evident. I am loving every moment and I am very grateful. This information and experience is transformational and beyond the mind for sure. I am committing myself to teach and pass on the power of the Organ Regeneration. I truly touch by the generosity, loving and sincerity of Ken Graydon and his beloved wife Ann. I am humble by who they are. My love goes to them and all of you. Love you Ken great gratitude to both.
Marcelo Celis 07 March 2011


It was an amazing two days of releasing and creating. Thank you, Ken and Ann, for your enthusiasm, dedication and humor! I know Las Vegas is going to be just as powerful as Phoenix was. So many miracles in our group - what a blessing!
Patricia Hargrave 18 March 2011

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